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Humanigen maintains @Humanigen Twitter X account as a new vehicle for communicating updates and engaging with the communities it serves. As a reminder, Humanigen functions in a regulated industry with a unique legal situation in the healthcare arena. Therefore, we are unable to engage in sensitive topics, or discussions regarding our products, our company or other companies nor can we discuss treatment options on Twitter X.

In order to ensure productive communications that are consistent with our mission and with applicable ethical, legal and regulatory standards, we have put in place the following basic guidelines and disclaimers to help you understand how we will use Twitter X.


  • Should you reply to @Humanigen, please ensure your Tweets do not contain foul language or topics that do not relate directly to Humanigen or the communities it serves.

  • Humanigen does not view Twitter X as a forum for product inquiries. For product information, please refer to the information on our corporate website at



  • Content available from @Humanigen is provided for informational purposes only.

  • Twitter X accounts that Humanigen follows or is followed by do not indicate an endorsement by Humanigen of the account owner or their products and services.

  • Any content, views, opinions, mentions and/or replies uploaded or expressed by any person other than Humanigen are solely the views, opinions and responsibility of the person uploading or expressing them and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Humanigen. Humanigen is not responsible for content that third parties transmit via Twitter.

  • Humanigen may provide links or references to other websites as part of its Tweets. However, Humanigen claims no responsibility for the accuracy or content of such other sites and shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content. Any links to other sites are provided as merely a convenience to the users of this platform.

  • Humanigen reserves all rights relating to the Humanigen Twitter X account and may in its sole discretion add, remove or modify any content or material posted on the account, discontinue the account, accept or reject those who may wish to follow the account and respond to any questions or comments addressed to the account.

  • The Humanigen logo and images are trademarks of Humanigen and Humanigen owns all rights therein.

  • Any information expressed by Humanigen is subject to the risk factors and information no forward-looking statements contained in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and available at

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