Humanigen, Lenzilumab, and Cytokine Storm in COVID-19


Who is Humanigen?

with Cameron Durrant, MD, MBA

Chairman & CEO, Humanigen

Who is Humanigen?
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What is the

scientific rationale for


with Dale Chappell, MD, MBA

Chief Scientific Officer, Humanigen

What is the scientific rationale for lenzilumab in COVID-19?
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Medicine Deconstructed

"Lenzilumab Calming

COVID Cytokine Storm"

with Cedric "Jamie" Rutland, MD

Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician

CEO, Rutland Medical Group

Lenzilumab is not authorized or approved in any country

New Study: LENZILUMAB - Calming COVID Cytokine Storm
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Big Biz Show

"Sully" interview of Dr. Cameron Durrant, Chairman and CEO, Humanigen