Mayo Clinic Proceedings

GM-CSF Neutralization With Lenzilumab in Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Case-Cohort Study

  • Solebury Trout Talks: Interview with Dale Chappell, Humanigen - Part of the Nametag Series

  • ASH 2020 ZUMA-19 Poster

  • The dysregulated innate immune response in severe COVID-19 pneumonia that could drive poorer outcome

  • Op-Ed: Vaccine race creates blind spots

  • ZUMA-19 Abstract Accepted for Presentation at ASH 2020 Annual Meeting

  • Mayo Clinic Proceedings Lenzilumab COVID-19 Case-Cohort Study

  • GM-CSF and Cytokine Storm in Coronavirus

  • A new role for an old cytokine: GM-CSF amplifies GVHD

  • Role of GM-CSF in acute GVHD

  • Graft-versus-host disease, but not graft-versus-leukemia immunity, is mediated by GM-CSF–licensed myeloid cells

  • Lenzilumab Study Published in ‘blood’

  • Humanigen GM-CSF Review

  • Lenzilumab at ASH 2018 - Abstract

  • Targeting EphA3 Inhibits Cancer Growth by Disrupting the Tumor Stromal Microenvironment

  • EphA3 Publication in 'Cancers'

  • Hypoxia-Controlled EphA3 Marks a Human Endometrium-Derived Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cell that Supports Vascular Growth

  • Eosinophil surface receptor EMR1: a novel therapeutic target for eosinophilic disorders

CAR-T–cell neurotoxicity: hope is on the horizon

Editorial in Blood Journal

by Omar Ahmed

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